Terms & Conditions


We hold a varied and every changing large selection of bisque. Prices start from £12 and you may paint as many pieces as you like during the time slot you are booked in for during your 2 hour session.

In addition to the cost of the ceramic there is a studio fee of £2 per person per visit.

The studio fee covers:

  • Supply of underglaze
  • Use of brushes, sponges, stamps and design aids
  • Glazing
  • Firing in our kiln

All fees are payable by card, valid gift voucher or cash at the time of painting, before leaving the café.


We take deposits for large group bookings, workshops, events and parties. These will be deducted from your bill on the day of your booking.


The Art House, Eastbourne reserves the right to discontinue products, to change specifications, or price of its products at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation whatsoever.

All underglazes, glazes and paints used by The Art House, Eastbourne are water soluble (unless advised otherwise) and as such, the purchaser agrees to assume all liabilities for any and all damages or consequential damage resulting from use, misuse or accidental spillage of our products by visitors to the café, the event/party organiser, their guests and attendees. The purchaser also agrees that The Art House Eastbourne shall not be responsible, accountable or liable in any way for bodily injury resulting from the misuse of any equipment supplied by The Art House, Eastbourne for use at your visit, party, event or workshop.

The Art House Eastbourne cannot be held responsible, accountable or liable for any loss or damage to your finished pieces, however caused, once the finished pieces are in the hands or a post/delivery agent other than an employee of The Art House, Eastbourne.

Glaze firing and our Kiln

We try our best to ensure that the creative journey you take with us is fun and enjoyable.  The final part of the journey involves the glazing and firing of your painted ceramic item(s).  Sadly, this is not an exact science, and the kiln is sometimes unpredictable.  While we strive for perfection it doesn’t happen all the time, particularly as these are hand-produced crafts.

Glaze spotting can occur as well as things that look like brick dust on the items.  Please be aware that although we try to control for these events it is not always possible.  It can be the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics.  There may be minor colour variations on pieces according to how they have been painted. Minor imperfections are a result of the hand-painted nature of the ceramics. Sometimes, if we feel it is safe to do so, we will re-fire the pottery to try to fix glazing issues.

In the unlikely event of your pottery breaking or cracking in the kiln or loss or damage occurring during the glazing or firing process, The Art House Eastbourne accepts no responsibility or liability for claims in relation to ‘emotional distress’ or ‘trauma’. The purchaser agrees that The Art House Eastbourne shall be liable only for the cost of replacement and/or refund to the original value of the item.


When painting is complete, the item(s) will be left at the studio for glazing and firing. Studio staff will give an estimated date for collection. This is normally approximately 1-2 weeks from the day painting is completed, with the exception of items requiring lustre which is around 3 weeks and clay imprints which is up to 8 weeks.  The estimated date cannot be guaranteed for completion due to the firing process and nature of the product; a degree of flexibility may be required.

As our storage space is limited the glazed and fired pottery will be kept for 12 weeks from the date of firing. If items are not collected within that time, or you do not contact us, you risk the pieces being disposed of.

The Art House, Eastbourne cannot take responsibility for how items are handled and used after collection from the premises, pottery is fragile and may be damaged if misused.

Breakages in the Café – The Art House, Eastbourne

Breakages by Customers – Pottery is fragile and broken pottery is extremely sharp. Any breakages will be charged at the full shelf price at the discretion of our staff.


Our gift cards/vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Purchasers are made aware of this at the time of purchase.

The Art House, Eastbourne  reserves the right to amend our terms and conditions from time to time.

​The Art House, Eastbourne reserves the right to use photographs of your work for our marketing, website and social media.

Except where stated to the contrary, the text, photographs, graphics and information contained in the website is the copyright of The Art House, Eastbourne.